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Dividend Value Builder

Discover, Evaluate, and Compare Dividend Stocks Without Emotional Bias

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Dividend Value Builder

Dividend Safety, Profitability & Growth, and Valuation Scores

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Dividend Analyzer: How It Works

The Arbor Dividend Analyzer provides a time saving approach to discover, evaluate, and compare dividend stocks without emotional bias.

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Dividend Aristocrats

Dividend Aristocrats are S&P 500 companies that have increased their dividend for 25+ consecutive years.

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Dividend Kings

Dividend Kings are companies that have increased their dividend for 50+ consecutive years.

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Dividend Contenders

Dividend Contenders are companies who have raised their dividend for 10+ consecutive years.

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Dividend Champions

Dividend Champions are companies which have increased their dividend for 25 or more consecutive years.

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Dividend Growers / Producers

Dividend Growers / Producers are companies who do not qualify for one of the dividend lists but have the potential to be dividend growers in the future.

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Discover, Compare, and Evaluate Dividend Stocks

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