Become A Dividend Detective!

Become A Dividend Detective!

I’m glad you have found your way here. I hope you will bookmark us and return many times because you find the blog informative and useful. The Dividend Value Newsletter and Blog are dedicated to identifying and comparing quality dividend stocks for possible investment.

The Dividend Value Builder is an Arbor Investment Planner Newsletter & Blog. The Arbor Investment Planner has a long history of value portfolio management using asset allocation and individual stock selection techniques espoused by investors such as Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett.

Value investing through dividend growth stocks is one of the best approaches to build long term wealth. The biggest risk in investing comes from the behavior of the investor. Better than average returns can be achieved by putting an emphasis on value and price and avoiding making behavioral errors. The Dividend Value Builder Newsletter and Blog can provide the information you need to avoid the pitfalls that torpedo investor returns.

The Dividend Value Builder is home of the Dividend Analyzer. The Arbor Dividend Analyzer is a comprehensive spreadsheet with 30+ quantitative and qualitative metrics. The database includes 275 dividend paying companies and analyzes their stocks based on Profitability & Growth, Dividend Safety, and Valuation. The total score aggregates the company metrics that are important to paying and growing dividends for shareholders.

The purpose of the Dividend Value Builder is to provide the information you need to compare and choose quality dividend stocks for investment. The great benefit of the Arbor Dividend Analyzer is you can compare dividend stocks without any emotional bias.

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Ken Faulkenberry