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The Dividend Value Builder (DVB) Newsletter & Blog is for investors seeking to build wealth through dividend stock investing.

My name is Ken Faulkenberry, founder of the Arbor Investment Planner. My goal is to provide you with the information and guidance needed to identify dividend stocks with quality characteristics (value) at valuations (price) that offer above average rates of return.

The DVB Newsletter and Blog are the home of the Arbor Dividend Analyzer. The Dividend Analyzer is a 30+ qualitative and quantitative metric spreadsheet which produces an Earnings Quality, Dividend Safety Score, Valuation Score, and Total Score.

Using quantitative and qualitative metrics allows investors to compare and make decisions without emotions that can cause behavioral errors. We make an extraordinary effort to avoid stocks whose price is greater than its value. Our goal is to own a number (diversification) of mis-priced securities that offer greater value than the price (margin of safety ).

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Ken Faulkenberry

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